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Historical Analysis

Two Zero States in Buddhism: The Real Happiness


: Quantum life; Origin of life; Happiness; Buddhism and Modern Science; Cognitive science;


In this paper, we proposed the techniques that can lead to have the real happiness, which can be established by two ways, where one is obtained by the meditation, in which the concentration and mindfulness are the final outcomes. The other one is obtained by the high level meditation, in which the nirvana state is the desire target. In the meditation, the happiness state can be achieved by the stopping mind (spirit) condition, which is known as the neutral mind condition, where there is the localized gap between the suffering and happiness state, which is very small in time and approached zero. Finally, the aura light is spreading out and seen during the stopping condition. The other happiness state is obtained by the live nirvana state, where in this case the high level meditation can lead to obtain the mind stopping and collapsed states, where in this case the shiny aura is seen by the Čerenkov radiation within the stopping condition, where the aura light and relics are the obtained results. 

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Two Zero States in Buddhism: The Real HappinessPreecha Yupapin, PhDInternational Journal of Buddhism, 1:1 (19 October 2014)

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