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Dr. Shahid Anjum

Primary Affiliation
Institut Teknologi Brunei
Bandar Seri Bhagawan,


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ITB, Jalan Tungku Link, Gadong BE1410, Brunei Darussalam


Phone: + 673-724-6868; Email:[email protected]






v  Ph. D., GSID, Nagoya University (NU), Japan1997-2003: Dissertation:Early Warning System for Financial Crisis: A Critical Review and Application of Data Mining Approach


v  MS Computer Science, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, School of Engineering,University of Detroit Mercy (UDM), MI, USA (18 credits) 2001-02


v  M. Phil. Economics, Quaid-e-AzamUniversity (QAU), Islamabad (Id.), 1992-94  


ü  US and Canadian equivalency of M. SC. /Bachelor in (Economics/Statistics) was established by World Education Services (WES), USA


v  Mathematical Statistics Course, Department of Mathematics, QAU, Id., 1993


v  Computer Packages, Dept. of Computer Science, QAU, Islamabad, 992






v  Charted Investment Manager (CIM), Moody’s Analytics: Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), Toronto, Canada, 2014


v  International Certificate for Banking Rules and Regulations (ICBRR), Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), USA, 2013






v  Faculty, School of Business, Institute Technology Brunei (Tech. University), Brunei Darussalam


ü  Senior member of Financial Management specialization stream and involved in teaching, moderating and development of courses in Financial Management stream and Information Management System in Accounting, Management & Business


ü  Member of Computational Sciences, Internet of Things and Sustainability of Management research clusters at the Institute Technology Brunei


v  Adjunct Faculty (Finance & MIT), College of Management, Lawrence Technological University (LTU), MI, USA, since 2008


ü  Dissertation Committee Member, Doctor of Management Information Technology


ü  Taught “Financial Valuation” course to Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


v  Post-Doctorate Researcher, GSID, Nagoya University, Japan, 04/2003-09/2004


ü  Financial Risk Analytics and Automation Processes’ research in Banking Industry


v  Guest Lecture, Department of Business Administration, Public Administration and Economics, Bowie State University, Maryland, USA(1999) to graduate and undergraduate class on the topic of “Entrepreneurship in Japanese Context


v  Lecturer, Sasaki International Academy (SIA), Nagoya, Japan, 2002-2004


v  Tutor and Research Coordinator, GSID, Nagoya University, Japan, 1999-2001


v  Research Assistant, APEC Study Center, GSID, Nagoya University, 09/98-11/1999


v  Financial and Energy Sector  Intern; Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila, Philippines, 7/1998-9/1998


v  Research student, School of Economics,Nagoya University, Japan 4/97-3/1998


v  Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration (COBA), Al-Khair University (AU), Islamabad (Id.), 06/1995-3/1997






v  NaigaiGakuseiCenter, Projects in financial risk & programming, Japan  1997-2003


v  Financial and Banking Analytics and Automation Consultant, Essays and Essay Corp., Toronto, Canada 2004-08


v  Domain Expert, Portfolio and Project Finance & Risk Analysis, Bankers Equity/TRAIN, Id., 1995-1997






v  “Algorithms for Predictive Classification in Data Mining and Evaluation Methodologies,” Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information (JIII), Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2013


v   Technology Diffusion in the Japanese Finance Industry: An Exploration,” International Research Journal of Applied Finance, Vol. 4, Issue 12, December 2013 (With Fara Shamim, University of Bahrain)


v  “Systematic Risk Outliers and Beta Reliability in Emerging Economies: Estimation-Risk Reduction with AZAM Regression”, Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research, 3(1), 2014


v   Composite Indicators for Data Mining: A New Framework for Assessment of Prediction Classifiers,” Journal of Economics, Business and Management (JOEBM),  Vol. 2, No. 1, February 2014


v  “Backtesting VaR Violations, Be-ALAM Regression and Internal Models of Portfolio  Variance Forecasting,” Journal of Money, Investment and Banking, FRDN Inc., issue 29, Oct. 2014


v  "Statistical Software an Regression Diagnostic Reporting with Fuzzy-AHP Intelligent Zax", Lecture Notes in Software Engineering, Vol. 2, No. 1, February 2014


v  "Macroeconomic Policies and Management of Debt, Deficit, and Inflation in Pakistan", The Pakistan Development Review, 35:4, Part II (Winter 1996)


v  “Market Orientation, Balance Sheet Structures and Risk Ranking of Banks,” Intl. Jour. of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies, Special Issue on: "Diverse Perspectives on Income, Money and Banking”, 2014, Indersciences


v  “Quantification of Fiduciary Risk & Neo-institutionalism,” Journal Of Isl. Banking and Finance, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2014


v  “Risk Adjusted Business Intelligence Architecture for Cloud Computing for Banking Industry”, Proceedings of International Conference on Information and Social Science (ISS2013), Sept., Nagoya, Japan


v  Banking Risk and Operating Efficiency Measures in the Era of IT,” Accounting and Finance Research, Vol. 4, No. 1, Sciedu, Canada, 2015








v  Program Chair, Intl. Conference on Databases and Data Mining, 2015, Chicago


v  Technical Committee Member, ICDDM 2014, Thailand; Reviewed papers for Journal


v  Senior Member of Intl. Association of Comp. Science & Info. Tech. and IEDRC


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