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Gary Lilienthal, Ph.D.

Primary Affiliation
Universiti Utara Malaysia


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Name: Dr Gary Lilienthal

Nationality: Australian Citizen

Locale: Malaysia

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +60 016 481 5727


Teaching special skills and facilities:

·         Ph.D. in Business Law and Legal History

·         The Assignment Factory: PowerPoint and class for teaching students the project management tasks in producing good assignments. Developed and taught over a five-year period.

·         Legal Writing & Reasoning Skills: Powerpoints and 6-hour lecture series on the elements of legal writing and reasoning for research, assignments and essays. Developed and taught over a five-year period.

·         Able to teach: all law subjects, research principles and practice, action research, intercultural business communications, media & communication, journalism.

·         Engaged in international on-going post-doctoral research activities.

·         Mandarin speaking, reading and writing at level HSK2.


Academic Qualifications:


1997 – 2001                Legal Practitioners Admission Board of New South Wales and                                      University of Sydney Law Extension Committee

                                    LL.B. University of  Sydney.


2002- 2003                  The College of Law, St. Leonards, Sydney

                                    Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice


2004.11 – 2004.12      The United Nations Institute for Training and Research

                                    Certificate in Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution


2004 – 2006                Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

                                    Graduate Certificate of Psychoanalytic Studies

                                    Graduate Diploma of Psychoanalytic Studies

                                    Master of Psychoanalytic Studies (High Distinction average)

                                    Masters thesis: “The First Onset of the Transference”, examining                                         the onset of the psychoanalytic transference at the point of                                                        Alcibiades’ entry, in Plato’s Symposium.


2007.06 – 2007.11      The Management Edge, Melbourne, Australia

                                    TAA40104 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment                                                      (Certificate No: 021756)


2014.05                       The Management Edge, Melbourne, Australia

                                    TAE40110 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment                                                       (Certificate No: 027426)


2011.09 – 2011.09      College of Transformation Education and Training, Canberra,                                     Australia

                                    TAA50104 – Diploma of Training and Assessment                                                               (Certificate No: CTET20110877)


2014.05 – 2014.05      College of Transformation Education and Training, Canberra,                                     Australia

                                    TAE40110 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment                                                       (Certificate No: CTET201415)


2008.06                       Curtin University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

                                    Certificate in: Teaching and learning in higher education;                                                     Understanding learning; and, Engaging the learner.


2008.12 – 2012.10      Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Law. Topic: The Development of the Economic Tort of Passing-off. Thesis included historical development of corporate structures, rhetoric of pleadings, the law of business goodwill and theories of criminal and tortious fraud. The thesis applied psychoanalytic techniques to legal historiography. Thesis was a 90,000 word exegetical project employing advanced English and academic writing skills at the doctoral level.


2011.02 – 2011.03      The United Nations Institute for Training and Research

                                    Certificate in International Players in Public Finance and Debt                                             Management.


2011.07 – 2011.10      UK Police Consortium

                                    Certificate in Criminal Intelligence Analysis.




1995.12 - 2007.01       International Commercial Mediator - SquareTrade, San                                                 Francisco.

Presided over 7500 commercial mediation cases and over 1400 family law mediation cases. Developed applications of classical Greek rhetoric, principles of equity and critical thinking skills to conflict mediation.


2007.01 – 2009.06      Curtin University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Lecturer in Business Law 100 and Law of Contracts for undergraduates, Law International Business in the Masters of International Business program, Legal Environment in the Master of Commerce Program.


2007.01 – 2010.12      Federation University Australia at MIT, Sydney, Australia.

Senior Lecturer in BULAW1502 Fundamentals of law (undergraduate), BULAW1503 Commercial Law (undergraduate), BULAW 5914 Commercial Law (postgraduate) and BULAW5915 Corporations Law (postgraduate).


2007.01 – 2010.12      Carrick Institute of Higher Education, Sydney, Australia.

Coordinating lecturer in the 3 subjects Business Law and Ethics, Action Research, and Critical Thinking. These subjects were in the Bachelor of Management and the Bachelor of Accounting degrees. Designed and delivered lectures and assessments to undergraduates. Conducted tutorials. Conducted marking and examination invigilation. Taught in the VET program for the accredited qualification Advanced Diploma of Management.  Taught economics, management, accounting, budgeting, operations management, occupational health and safety, asset management, human resource management.


2010.06 – 2010.12      Study Group Australia Limited, Sydney, Australia.

                                    Wrote course materials for the following subjects at the VET level:                                     Legal Trust Accounting; Tourism and Hospitality Law in                                                     Australia; English Writing & Speaking Skills.


2007.01 – current        Private Practice, Psychoanalyst and Forensic Psychotherapst,                                        Sydney, Australia

                                    Practising Psychoanalyst and Forensic Psychotherapist. Working                                         with clients accused of criminal offences. Specialising in internet-                                       associated crimes. Developed principles for advising the Court on                                             likelihood of re-offence in internet crime cases. On-going research                                             into the application of ancient South West Asian criminal law                                                 principles to client treatment. Client assessment, psycho-social                                             interviews, DSM and PDM diagnoses, development of treatment                                        plans, criminal analysis, drafting reports for the court, treating                                             clients using Lacanian psychoanalytic techniques. Short-term                                                psychoanalytic treatment of clients experiencing psychotic anxiety                                                and breakdown.


2011.06 - 2012.06       Monash University College, Tianhe, Guangdong, China.

Lecturer in Law in English to Chinese undergraduate students in Guangdong, China. Taught the two Monash University subjects: Introductory Law, and Business Law. In the Business Law subject,  taught academic writing in multiple genres, and specifically taught complex legal meanings to English words. Taught the subject Intercultural Business Communication, which included critical thinking skills. Editor of Monash College Newspaper.


2013.05 – 2014.07      Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, Parramatta.

                                    Lecturer in Academic Writing, Communications Skills &                                                     Mediation, Reflective Counselling Practice, Professional Ethics,                                          and Domestic Violence and Abuse.


2014.01 - present        The Carrington Rand Journal of Social Sciences

                                    Editor-in-Chief. An open access wide-                                        scope social sciences journal, double-blind peer reviewed,                                                    targetting publication of the scholarly works, and wide                                                             dissemination of research, of Asian scholars whose first language                                       is not English.

2014.08 - present        Universiti Utara Malaysia – Sintok, Malaysia

                                    Senior Lecturer in Law.



Conferences and Research:



2007.12                       Masters Thesis - Deakin University, Melbourne

                                    The First Onset of the Transference


2012.07                       5th Annual Conference on Literature and Censorship

                                    National Library of Australia, Canberra.

                                    Presented research paper Underlying Legal Norms.


2012.08                       Shanghai International Conference on Social Sciences

                                    Presented research paper in Shanghai entitled Historical                                                      Regulation of Printers Devices.


2012.12                       ANZLHS Conference on Legal History

                                    University of Technology, Sydney

                                    Presented research paper entitled Legal History of the Tort of                                           Passing-off.


2012.12                       Doctoral Thesis - Curtin University of Technology

                                    The Development of the Tort of Passing-off. Applying                                                     psychoanalytic principles to an analysis of the development, from                                        criminal to civil structure, of the intellectual property tort of                                      passing-off.


2013.03                       Presented research paper Classical Bases to the Psychoanalytic Transference at the International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanity, Macau, 2013.


2013.06                       2013 Fraud Conference - Sydney

                                    Presented research paper entitled Fraud in Commerce, containing new research on commercial fraud, based on my doctoral research.


2013.08                       Presented paper on Historical Aspects of Trademark Law at Sydney University Workshop on Consumer Confusion in Trademark Law.


2013.09                       Presented research paper entitled Rabbinic Discourse at St Marks                                        Theological Seminary at Charles Sturt University, Canberra, on the                                     Scholarship of Sermons. The presentation was based on an 8000                                         word scholarly article I wrote, which was reviewed at ACU                                            Strathfield.


2013.12                       Public Discourse at the International Symposium on Social                                                 Sciences in Hong Kong.




Major Public Lectures:



Conflict of Laws in Marriage & Divorce - Buffalo, USA, 1993


Unifying Disparate Theologies - Washington DC, USA, 1993


Eminent Domain as the Basis of Conflict of Laws - Seattle, USA, 1993


Absence of Severance in a Divorce - New Orleans, USA, 1994


Presumptions in Ancient Family Law - Sydney, Australia, 1995


Rotational Metaphors in Lacanian Psychoanalysis - Melbourne, Australia, 2007


Principles of Legal Discourse - Sydney, Australia, 2009


Epistemology and Discourse - Sydney, Australia, 2010


Transmission of Ancient Laws by Myth and Narrative - Hobart, Australia, 2012



Current Research and Further Professional Development Activities:


·         Doctoral research at the Australian Catholic University, Strathfield. The Ph.D. topic is on the meaning and purpose of the name Bezalel. The research supervisors are Dr Dermot Nestor and Dr Jonathan Marshall.


·         Editor-in-Chief of the Carrington Rand Journal of Social Sciences.



Professional Memberships:


·         Australia New Zealand Society of Legal History

·         International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy




Peer reviewed


Classical Bases of Transference Love - Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.


Insurable Interest - published in December 2013 in the ANZIIF Journal.


Glosses on Mediation, Commercial Dispute Resolution Journal, v.3, no.1, August 1996, p.56-60 (ISSN: 1039-785X).


Rhetorically formed conflict, Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, v.12, no.1, 2001 Feb, p.58-69 (ISSN: 1441-7847).


Deceit in the Gloucestershire Clothier Case (2014) 1 CRJSS 051-072, ISSN 2203-2967.




The Development of the Tort of Passing Off - published as a digital thesis at the National Library of Australia, Canberra.


Fixing Complex Organisational Problems [Kindle Edition],, 2010.


The Law of Agency [Kindle Edition],, 2010.


Articles in the Trade Press


Seaworthiness - Lloyd’s List Australia, August 2013.


Force Majeure and Break Bulk Cargo - Lloyd’s List Australia, October 2013.


Project Cargo, Insurable Interest and Chinese Marine Insurance Law - Lloyd’s List Australia, March 2014.


Journalistic Articles published in glossy magazines, including the following:



Ad Hoc Column on legal issues in Australian Institute of Management online magazine.





Available on request.

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