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Tahir H. Ismail, Ph.D.

Primary Affiliation
university of Mosul, College of computer Sciences & Mathematics.


Paper Endorsements
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Curriculum Vitae


Name: Tahir H. Ismail



Date & Place of birth: 01/07/1951,Dohuk – Iraq.

Marital status:Married

Occupation: Prof. of mathematics.

Current address: Department of mathematics, collage of computer sciences & mathematics, MosulUniversity, Mosul, Iraq.

Mailing address: Dept. of Maths., College of CSM, Mosul Univ.,Mosul, IRAQ.

Home address:House No.19,Hay Al-KaffaatAl –Thanya, Mosul, Iraq.

E-Mail:[email protected]

Home Telephone: 0096467510167


Languages: Kurdish (mother language)

Arabic, English& French (Fluent spoken & written)

Academic Degree Obtained

2011:Professorof Mathematics (Nonstandard Analysis & its Applications).

2010:Assist. Prof.of Mathematics (Nonstandard Analysisof Mathematics).

1992:Lecturer(Nonstandard Analysis & its Applications).

1985:Ph.D. Mathematics (Nonstandard Analysis)

1981:Diploma Mathematics (Nonstandard Analysis)

1980:Diploma French Language

1975: B.Sc. Mathematics (very good)

Research Interests

Nonstandard analysis & its applications in topology, functional analysis and differential equations.

Professional Affiliations

1986-1988: Deputy of the Department of mathematics

1988-1993:Vice chairman of the Department of Mathematics

2005-2012: Editor–in–Chief of Raf.J. of comp. & math.

Teaching Experience:

I have been teaching from first year undergraduate Calculus, Mathematical foundation, real analysis, functional analysis and General topology to advanced graduate Mathematical courses at Mosul University.

Supervision of Graduate Students Since 1997

M.Sc. Ibrahim O. Hamad , Rashad R, Haji ,Nareen S. Subhi , Farouk A. Mina and Hind Y. Saleh.

Ph.D. Ibrahim O. Hamad , Ahmed M. Ali and Sami A. Hussein

Organization of Conferences

International conference of differential geometry and Nonstandard Analysis Strasbourg, France (1983).

Arabic conference of Physics &Mathematics Baghdad, Iraq (1987).

Arabic Conference of Physics &Mathematics Erbil, Iraq (1989).

Arabic Conference of Mathematics Amman, Jordan (2005).

Arabic Conference of Mathematics Al-Zarqaa, Jordan (2008).

Numerous of local conferences (2009).

Published Papers

1.         Sur la ombre de certain courbe en plae  ULPPublications, 1982.

2.         Sur partitionnonstandard de line real ULP publications , 1983.

3.         Monads and galaxies by using Robison Lemma IRMAStrasbourg,1983.

4.         Etude macroscopique de courbesalgebrique   ULP Publication, 1984.

5.         On Some Properties of External functions(1987) J. Edu. & Sci. Vol. 5.

6.         Infinitesimal Approximation of convex polygons by algebraic curves (1987) J. Edu. & Sci.Vol.7.

7.         On microscopic sets and External numbers (1988) J. Edu. Sci. Vol. 8.

8.         Shadow of a graph of real valued functions (1989) J.Edu. & Sci. Vol.8.

9.         A characterization of the differential equation=0 where or unlimited , Iraqi J. Sci, Vol.1, No.31.

10.    Representation of standard continuous functions under magnifying glasses (1991) J.Edu. &Sci, vol.10.

11.    Characterization of k- Lipsvhitzian function by meana magnifying-glasses (1992) Mutah J. for Research Studies Vol.7,No.1.

12.    Weak and Strong magnifying –glasses(1993) J.Edu. &Sci. vol.2 no 33.

13.    The crackling of diff. equation (1993) J.Edu. &sci.vol. 14.

14.    Classification of cuts of R into a galaxy & monad (1994) J. Edu. & Sci. vol. 19.

15.    Representation of increasing functions (1994) J. Edu. & Sci. vl. 20.

16.    A nonstandard study of linear functional (1999) J. Edu. & Sci. vol. 39.

17.    Characterization of good approximation (2000) J. Ed. & Sci.vol. 42.

18.    On the tangent of the equation where are unlimited natural numbers and(2000) J. Ed. & Sci. vol 43.

19.    Extreme value of Integrals of certain Classesof functions, (2000) Raf. J. Sci. vol. 11 No.2.

20.    On some nonstandard Asymptotic Approximations (2001) Raf. J.Sci. vol. 12 No.1.

21.    A nonstandard Approximation using Taylor Polynomials (2001) Raf. J. Sci. vol. 12 No.2.

22.    Study of continuity in non Archimedeanfield (2005) J. Duhok Univ. vol.8 No. 2.

23.    On generalized Torsion (2006) J.Dohuk Univ. vol. 9 No.2.

24.    On the generalized curvature (2006) Raf.J. Of comp. & math. Vol.3 No.2.

25.    Three near points method for calculating generalized curvature &torsion (2007) J.Ed. &Sci. vol. 19 No 4.

26.    Reformation of the generalized curvature by using decomposition technique (2008) J.Ed. & Sci. vol.21 N0.1.

27.    A nonstandard generalization of envelopes (2008) Raf.J. Ofcomp. math vol.5 No2.

28.    A generalized curvature of generalized envelopes (2008) Raf.J. Of comp. & math. Vol.6 No2

29.    On the characterization of extreme points of harmonic cells Proceeding of 2nd Conf. on math. Sci.,October 22-23, (2008).

30.    On infinitesimal approximation of continuous functions (2010) Raf.J.comp. & math. Vol. 7 No.1.

31.    Hosoya polynomials of the width distance of some Gog-specialGraphs (2011) Raf.J.Comp. &Math. Vol.8 No.2

32.    Characterizing Internal and external sets ((2011) Iraq. Jou .Stat. Sci. vol.20.

33.    A New Type of Monads in Topology (2012) Theo.Math. &application vol.2 No. 2.

34.    -Topological Groups (2012) to appear.

35.    -monads in general topology (2012) Int.J.Cotemp. Math. Sci. Vol. 7.

36.    P-Topological Groups in Nonstandard Analysis (2012) Raf.J.Comp. Math. Vol. 1.

37.    On some Properties of functions on convex Galaxies (2013) Raf.J.Comp. &Math. Vol.10 No.2.

38.    On external Characterization of convex functions (2013) Int.J.Contemp. Math. Sci. Vol.8 No.14.

39.    On the extremes of collection of external numbers (2014). Int.Jour. Of Enhanced Reser. In Sci. Techno. &Engineering Vol.3 No.1.

40.    A Nonstandard Description of functional Equations (2014) to appear.

41.    On Infinitesimal Sets and Hyper realnumbers (2014) To Appear.

42.    تمثيل الدوال القياسية المستمرة بواسطة المجهر(2010) مجلة الرافدين لعلوم الحاسوب والرياضيات المجلد 7العدد1.

43.    تمثيل الدوال الليبشتزية القياسية تحت مجهر (2012) مجلة التربية والعلم المجلد 25 العدد 1.


Generalized Curvature and Torsion in Nonstandard Analysis,LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2011).

HosoyaPolynomial and Wiener Indices of Distances in Graphs, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2011).

Journal's Reviewer

Journal of Advance Studies in Topology, Al-Qadsia Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, Al-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics.


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