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Vijay Kumar Bharti

Primary Affiliation
Wildlife Department Himachal Pradesh


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                                                   CURRICULUM VITAE



 VIJAY KUMAR                                                              Contact: +91- 9459133330

                                                                                            Email id:[email protected]                                                      



             To work on a challenging project which provides an opportunity to enhance my technical skills, knowledge and motivates me to utilize my potential to the fullest extent to contribute to the  well being of the domestic, free range as well as incaptive wild animals

Personal skills:           

 Excellent communication skills, self-motivated, willingness to Learn, Good experience of working in team and team cordinarion, Good Co-operative mind, Adaptive to any environment.

Professional Skills :

Management and treatment of incaptive as well as free range wild animals.

Rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals.

Restraining and immobilization of wild animals.

Vast knowledge in treatment of small and large domesticated animals.

Laparoscopy in wild animals


Academic Profile:

Certificate awarded

       College / School

Board / University


12th standard

 Govt. Sen. Sec. School.- Sarkaghat, Distt Mandi , H.P

H.P. Board of School Education, Dharamshala, H.P. India

66 %

B.V.Sc &A.H

DGCN College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

CSKHPKV- Palampur, H.P. India.

 62 %

Post Graduate Diploma in  Agriculture Extension Management

National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, Hyderabad, India

MANAGE, Hyderabad, India

76 %

Post Graduate Diploma in Wild Animal Diseas Management

Madras Veterinary College

Tamil Nadu University of Veterinary and Animal Science 

Result awaited






 Work Experience :


Participation in extension activities:    

 Date of appointment in Department of Animal Husbandry, H.P Govt, India:  13/02/2005

Organized various camps and completed Departmental Project Schemes: ATMA Project,  SGSY, Animal Insurance at Block level w.e.f April 2005 to ctober 2008.

Remained as team member of Distt - Bird flu committee for two years.

Ø  Current professional activities:(employer, teaching, field work, research, student [residency, internship].


Employer :

H.P. Forest Department, Himachal Pradesh Government, India.


Teaching  activity:

Being a Zoo Veterinarian at my site of posting, teaching opportunities are limited; however I got some good experiences which are mentioned below:

1.      I instruct a 7days practical training in laparoscopic vasectomy and tubectomy in wild animals, mainly in non-human primates (Rhesus macaques), to veterinary medicine interns enrolled in College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Palampur, India. So far, I have provided training to 127 students in the last four years.

2.      I also provided practical training in Laparoscopic vasectomy and tubectomyin Rhesus macaques to DVM students from Canada and USA.

3.      I gave hands on training to eight Veterinary Surgeons working in the Dept. of Animal Husbandry, HP, India.

4.      I was invited as a guest speaker to National Symposium held in DGCN College of Veterinary and Animal sciences, Palampur, India, to give a lecture on ‘Management of wild animals in captivity’.

Most significant accomplishments or contributions:


1.      Performed 16400 Laparoscopic Vasectomy and Laparoscopic Tubectomy in free range Rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta).

2.      122 rhesus macaques were sterilized by laparoscopy in a single day.

3.      Provided annual 7 day training of laparoscopy on free range rhesus macaques to veterinary medicine students of College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Palampur, India.

4.      Provided three day training to Eight Veterinary Surgeons of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Himachal Pradesh.

5.      Member of Feed and Nutrition committee H.P. Zoos since February 2009 to till date.

6.      Professional  Activities:

1.   Attended 10 days training on IT skill development  w.e.f. 20-30 January, 2009 at Mandi, Distt Mandi, H.P.

2.   Participated in  3 days training on “Managing Wild Animals in Distress” w.e.f. 28 - 30, January, 2010 at Dhauladhar Nature Park Gopalpur Zoo, District Knagra, H.P.

3.   Presented research paper at the National Congress on “Wild Life Health and Forensics” held at Veterinary College Jabalpur, M.P.  August 15-16, 2011.

4.   Attended 15 days “National Workshop on Wild and Pet Bird Medicine” at Madras Veterinary College, Chennai. T.N. w.e.f.  28 Jan-11 Feb, 2013.


1.      Served as Veterinary Officer in the Department of Animal Husbandry, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh w.e.f  Feburary, 2005 to 31st October, 2008.

2.      Monitoring of various Departmental schemes of the  Department of Animal Husbandry such as Artificial insemination, tubectomy and vasectomy in dogs, castration in  large animals, surgical operations like caeserian, tumors, herniation, disbudding, dehorning, deworming, wound treatment and disease surveillance.

3.      Treatment of all large as well as small domestic animals in the jurisdiction under the Hospital main diseases treated mastitis, bloat, Alkaline indigestion, Acid indigestion, haemorrhagic Septicemia, Reticuloperocarditis, FMD, Gastroenteritis, Naval-ill, Leptospirosis, Milk fever, downer’s cow syndrome, salmonellosis, psitacosisInfectious laryngotracheitisAflatoxins, Brucellosis, Campylobacteriosis, Equine influenza, Giardiasis, Listeriosis, Psittacosis, Ringworm, Warts on cattle and also various birds and other animals diseases.

4.      Organized various camps and project schemes mainly ATMA Project, SGSY, Animal Insurance at Block level w.e.f April 2005 to october 2008.

5.      Documentation of various data collected under various schemes such as disease surveillance-Rinderpest and FMD  etc.

6.      Remained as team member of Distt Bird flu committee for two years.

7.      Handling of Veterolegal cases  like Electrocution, cruelty to animals etc at Subdivision level.

8.      Monitoring of work progress of all the dispensaries under the jurisdiction and also providing guidance and capacity building training to  pharmacists .

9.      Evaluation of the annual confidential work report of the pharmacists.

10.  Experience in handling and managing the team of 30-40 workers.



Presently serving as Veterinary Officer – Wild Life, DNP, Gopalpur, Distt kangra.  H.P. Forest Department- Wilife Wing, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.

1.      Routine Care and Health Management of all in captive wild animals including deworming, sanitation, hygiene and upkeep of enclosures at Dhauladhar Nature Park Gopalpur - Zoo, Distt - kangra, H.P.

2.      Routinely checking of meat diet (mutton and Chickens) for carnovores and feed and fodders of the herbivores wild animals.

3.      Rescue and rehabilitation of the various wild animals like leopards, black bear, sambars and various pheasants from Shivalik Hills of Himachal Pradesh in India.

4.      Treatment of all the rescued wild animals from free range as well as  incaptive wild animals of the Dhauladhar nature Park Zoo Gopalpur, H.P. India..

5.      Successfully translocated lions from Lion Safari Renuka Zoo, Distt Sirmour by road.

6.      Routine necropsy of the free range as well as in captive wild animals; Performed necropsy of 22 leopards, 3 Lions,  5 Black bears, 20 sambars, 10 barking deer, 5 hog deers, 3 porqupine, 4 peacocks, 3 Monals, 3 Koklas, 185 rhesus macaques and also various pheasants and omnivores.

7.      Routinely performing laparoscopic vasectomy and tubctomy operations in free range rhesus macaques and also occasionally laparoscopy in other wild animals.

8.      Treatment of diseased rhesus macaques and performing of necropsy of dead rhesus macaques.

9.      Rehabilitation of operated free range rhesus macaques.
Field work:

Besides vasectomy and tubectomy in wild animals, my field work involves rescuing wild animals from free range and territorial areas of Shivalik Hills in India. To date, I have successfully rescued more than 40 wild animals which are detailed in the below table.


Name of Rescued Wild Animals             Species                    No. of Animals Rescued


1.        Leopard                                       (Pantherapardus)                                        11

2.        Leopard cat                                 (Felis bengalensis)                                       2

3.        Sāmbhar                                      (Cervus unicolor)                                        12

4.        Barking deer                                (Muntiacusmuntjak)                                     4                            

5.        Goral                                            (Nemorhaedus goral)                                   2                               

6.        Wild Boars                                   (Sus scrofa)                                                   4

7.        Pheasants                                      different species                                         10



Student Residency and Internship Project:


·         Completed Six months internships in B.V.Sc & A.H Degree Programme.


·         Desertation: 



 Title of Desertation

Degree  or Diploma

Board / University



Incidences of Pneumoenteritis in Dairy Calves


   B.V.Sc &A.H

CSKHPKV- Palampur, H.P. India.

PGDAEM  Desertation

Laparoscopic sterilization in rhesus macaques

Post Graduate Diploma in  Agriculture Extension Management

National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, Hyderabad, India

PGDWADM  Desertation

 Health assessment in free ranging Rhesus macaques  captured at Mid-Himalayan areas of Himachal Pradesh

Post Graduate Diploma in Wild Animal Diseas Management

Madras Veterinary College Tamil Nadu University of Veterinary and Animal Science 




I.T. Skills:-


·         Knowledge of MS Office, Word ,Excel, Power point, etc

·         Internet, data operating  etc.


Extra curricular activity:

·         Participated in NSS programme for 1 years

·         Participated  in NCC  programme for 2 years and attended 10 days NCC camp


Personal information:

·         DOB                                                            :  23-04-1975

·         Sex                                                              :  Male

·         Marital Status                                              :  married

·         Nationality                                                   :  Indian

·         Languages Known                                      :  English and Hindi




Research Activities:


My main research activities involves treatment, management of wild animals as well as ecology and  improvement in the the techniques of sterilization in wild animals using laparoscopy and speed up the diagnosis and treatment of wild animal diseases in free range and incaptive wild animals.



Research work year wise:


List of Publications:


1.      Vijay Kumar, Anshu Raj, Parvesh Kumar. 2011. Pregnancy diagnosis by laparoscopy in free range rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). Open Veterinary Journal. 1: 32-34.


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Declaration:    I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.




Place: Palampur                                                                                     (Vijay Kumar)                                                                      




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